Our tights are becoming increasingly popular amongst endurance riders, here’s what one woman had to say upon purchase………..

“I’ve had at least one of every pair similar to yours on the international market and yours are the best so far, compared to Kerrits, Performance Ride and a huge list”


“I’ve done endurance for a long time, so I go through jodz quickly. I hate the heat and need grip, yours fit the bill”.

Then almost seven months after purchasing, she had this to say……

“The riding tights are excellent!!! I’m doing lots of KMS in them and they are going the distance. About time there were decent tights. Thank yoooou E S Equestrian”

A few days later…….

“I do endurance and training in them. I have used Kerrits for 8yrs. Your silicon lasts the longest. Your material and silicon is better than Performa ride and definitely better than the Black Horse tights.”

Thanks for the glowing reviews Allison

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